Signs of being a part of #Healthy #Professional #Work #culture & active implementation of HR policy –

  1. Team leader treats the team members in an equal behavioral trend.
  2. Conveys each message in presence of all members.
  3. Either calls in general or calls of each members name.
  4. Motivates positive talks.
  5. Provides equal leads to each team member.
  6. Honesty Hard work, interest , self initiations are appreciated .
  7. Brief every staff respectfully without being a bully or mean to anyone.
  8. Provides platform to everyone.
  9. Takes feedback from each member whether the profiles are motivating them to achieve their final dream or career objective or not.
  10. The team leader will never use his power influence or personal out of work equation as a measure for giving work opportunity.
  11. He/she will never be partial or mean even to anyone of member.
  12. Leader will provide right briefing and opportunity then will look for the result.
  13. Will never blame employee performance without giving opportunity or access to information or work leads.
  14. A team leader is committed to organization’s human investment calculation beyond his/her personal likings among employees.
  15. All Team members are given insights of major meetings direct or written communication.
  16. When Team Leader treats equally , the entire team follows the leader.
  17. Brown nosing , Gossip Hound ,Credit Thief , Flatterer, Saboteur, Lobbyist. Adviser. Etc are not entertained.
  18. All other team members do not initiate in bullying, fun making or do not try to dominate other members for personal equation with influential leaders.
  19. The work culture refrained or cautious against power culture.
  20. The end results motivates each team member to be assured on company’s policy .
  21. The organization ensures growth for each or prepare them for next endeavor in life.
  22. Ex-employees feel proud to be a part of the team & organization.
  23. Appreciate in front all, correct in isolation with specific points and to the point guidelines.-DN